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STUDY ONLINE: WSET Level 3 in WINE Distance Learning - START ANYTIME

  • Sutton Coldfield
  • Monday 31st July 2023, 01:30 until 01:45
  • £560.00 per person

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  • Study at home to suit your schedule

  • Tutor Support available throughout the course

  • Exclusive and comprehensive online fact sheets, research questions and practice multi choice assessments.  

  • Fortnightly video tasting tutorial sessions

  • NB: Students must hold the WSET Level 2 Certificate.

The syllabus builds on Level 2 knowledge of wines from the leading wine regions of the world, together with a detailed understanding of grape growing and wine making.  The course is a challenging study developing factual recall and analytical skills resulting in a comprehensive appreciation of the world of wine.

The online course is comprised of 8 modules as follows:

S1 -  Vineyard

Natural factors in the Vineyard, Human Factors in the Vineyard

S2 –Winery & Wine Consumption

Human Factors in the Winery

Wine Selection, Storage and Service,  Tasting Faults, Food Pairing,  Social & Health Issues

S3 – France       

Bordeaux,  S W France,  Burgundy,  Alsace,  Loire Valley,  Rhone Valley,    Southern France

S4 – Spain/Italy

Northern Spain,  Eastern Spain,  Central Spain 

North West Italy,  North East Italy,  Central Italy, Southern Italy

S5 – Rest of Europe

Germany,  Austria,  Tokaji,  Greece, Portugal

S6 – New World

USA, Canada,  Chile,  Argentina,  South Africa,  Australia,  New Zealand

S7 – Sparkling & Fortified

Sparkling - France, Spain, Italy, New World

Fortified – Port, Sherry, Fortified Muscat

S8 – Exam Technique and Tasting Guidance

Learning Outcomes, Exam Format, How to Answer the Theory Paper

Tasting Exam Information, How to Answer the Tasting Paper

Practice Opportunities


Exams must be sat in person at one of our Exam Centres.  Online exams are not available for Level 3 in Wines exams.

Exam Centre Locations: Sutton Coldfield (Birmingham), Watford, Exeter, Bristol, Liverpool and Sheffield

Please see our Exams Schedule page.

For course information, please see our Level 3 information page

Available to start anytime

Price: £560.00 inclusive of exam fee.

To discuss your requirements or to book directly,  please contact 

M: 07804 494083 

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