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Virtual Tasting & Theory Sessions

Wine Wise students are invited to attend our online sessions to help enhance your studies.  You are welcome to join as many as you wish and can continue to do so even once your studies are complete.  

Virtual Tasting Tutorials via Zoom

Join us for our Virtual Tasting Sessions held on alternative Thursdays 6.30pm-8.00pm (UK time).  We follow the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting criteria and explore the concepts of tasting.

Please bring your SAT card and a bottle of  your choice and join the conversation!

Thursdays 6.30-8.00pm


  • 25th November - Bordeaux
  • 9th December - Sweet/Dessert Wine (eg Sauternes, Tokaji, Port, Fortified Muscat)


  • 20th January - Sparkling Wines
  • 3rd February - Pinot Noir
  • 17th February - Hungary - ie Tokaji, Furmint
  • 3rd March - Grenache/Garnacha
  • 17th March - Chenin Blanc
  • 31st March - Valpolicella - ie Classico, Ripasso, Amerone, Recioto
  • 14th April - Chile 
  • 28th April - Languedoc
  • 12th May - New Zealand Reds
  • 26th May - Italian White Wine
  • 9th June - Loire Valley
  • 23rd June - Provence Rose
  • 7th July - Alsace

Summer Break

  • 15th Sept - Rioja
  • 29th Sept - Sauvignon Blanc
  • 13th October - Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 27th October - Argentina
  • 10th November - Greece
  • 24th November - Merlot
  • 8th December - Port

For an invitational link to the tasting, please contact Nina on 07804 494083 or email  Alternatively, you can send a message via the Contact Us page. 

Virtual Theory Tutorials via Zoom

As part of your studies, you are invited to attend our new Virtual Theory sessions.  These are held monthly on Saturday mornings (10.30-12.00).  The tutorials focus on the Level 3 syllabus but Level 2 students are more than welcome to attend. The sessions are scheduled as follows:

Saturday Mornings - 10.30am-12.00pm


  • 23rd Oct – California
  • 20th Nov – Rhone Valley
  • 11th Dec – Sparkling Wine


  • 15th January - Sherry
  • 12th February - New Zealand
  • 12th March - Spain
  • 9th April - South Africa
  • 14th May - Sweet (dessert) wines - ie Sauternes, Tokaji etc
  • 11th June - Central & Southern Italy
  • 9th July - Argentina & Chile

Summer Break

  • 10th September - The Loire Valley
  • 15th October - Port & Fortified Muscats
  • 12th November - Oregon, Washington, New York, Canada
  • 10th December - Alsace

For an invitational link to the tasting, please contact Nina on 07804 494083 or email  Alternatively, you can send a message via the Contact Us page.

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