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Wine Recommendations

At Wine Wise, we understand that choosing a wine is not an exact science.  So many factors come into it - how well you are feeling, where you are, who you are with, even the mood you are in can make a difference.

Listed below are some of the wines we have been enjoying.  They are updated periodically so prices may vary.


September is my birthday month so I am unashamedly featuring a pretty pricey wine, together with one of the best value reds on the market.

Don Maximiano


Aconcagua Valley, Chile


Cabernet Sauvignon

This is one of my all time favourite wines.  If you think Chile produces nothing but simple wines, think again.  This wine is made by established producer Errazuriz who make a range of wines at all levels.  This wine is the top of the tree and the taste is just sensational.  The intense deep black fruit flavours display beautifully with balanced acidity, tannins and alcohol.  Oak flavours compliment the flavour profile resulting in a complex and interesting wine that you will savour with every sip.

Available in Waitrose, Costco &  Majestic.  Price Category: Premium (£30+)


Old Vine Zinfandel

Lodi, California


This wine offers excellent value from California.  Lodi is located around Sacremento, the historic capital of California and centre of the 1849 Gold Rush.  Vines were planted here to make wine for religious services and have thrived ever since.  Some vines can be traced back upto 100 years.  

This wine is packed full of flavour and has a wonderful warmth from the high alcohol content.  The flavour is of deep black fruit and has smokey and spicy elements from the winemaking and maturing process.  A fantastic buy from a consistent producer. 

Available in Waitrose, The Wine Society.  Price Category: Mid Priced (£10-20)

  We will endeavour to keep our recommendations from major UK wine merchants.  This is to ensure that the wines are widely available to all.    We are an independent company so our recommendations are given from experience and knowledge and are not subject to persuasion from the merchants mentioned. Prices shown are the prices as advertised at time of recommendations and we cannot accept any responsibility for subsequent price changes.  

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