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At Wine Wise, we understand that choosing a wine or spirit is not an exact science.  So many factors come into it - how well you are feeling, where you are, who you are with, even the mood you are in can make a difference.

Listed below are some of the wines and spirits we have been enjoying.  Please note that these recommendations are independent and under no influence/incentive from suppliers.


English and Welsh Wine

English Sparkling Wine grabs the headlines but England and Wales also make some fantastic still wines.  Wine GB is the overarching body for wines from the UK and has a great deal of information on its website.   

There are currently 502 commercial vineyards in the UK spread over England and Wales.  Scotland and Northern Ireland can grow grapes in a good year and there are some brave growers in these locations wishing to take on the challenges of cool growing conditions.

These vineyards supply the 147 commercial wineries producing an ever growing range of wines.   The cool conditions of the UK lend themselves to grapes which go to produce excellent sparkling wines, as well as crisp refreshing whites and lighter style reds.  In cool climates, grapes maintain acidity which gives a refreshing value whilst producing flavour and ripeness to create a elegant and sophisticated wine.

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and  Meunier make up 71.2% of grapes grown in the UK.  These are the same grapes that grow in the Champagne region of Northern France.  Other varieties include Bacchus, Seyval Blanc and Pinot Blanc.  

The South East is home to over three quarters of UK vineyards, which the South West hosting 11%.  Wales, East Anglia and Central England make up the other 14%.   Wineries have experiences a 31% growth in sales since 2015 made up of 68% Sparkling.  

Why not take the plunge and try some?...


1) Sparkling


Classic Cuvee

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir


Currently on offer - Laithwaites £29.99 

2) Still Crisp White

Chapel Down




A crisp, aromatic wine similar to Sauvignon Blanc.  Enjoy with goats cheese, salmon or a light pasta dish.

Currently on offer - Waitrose £10.49 

Want more recommendations?  

Click here to see the excellent wine reviews by Wine Wise student Thomas Bennett.  He features some excellent and affordable wines in a refreshingly honest style of writing.

Click here to see Thomas's Instagram page.

We will endeavour to keep our recommendations from major UK wine merchants.  This is to ensure that the wines are widely available to all.    We are an independent company so our recommendations are given from experience and knowledge and are not subject to persuasion from the merchants mentioned. Prices shown are the prices as advertised at time of recommendations and we cannot accept any responsibility for subsequent price changes.  

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